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Queensland's economic development

Project attraction and facilitation is part of the department's charter to drive Queensland's economic development.

Working with business and industry

The department's case management service can assist business and industry project proponents through professional and coordinated case management support including:

  • streamlining approvals and access to Queensland Government contacts
  • negotiating and identifying resources and linkages within the Queensland Government to overcome obstacles
  • identifying opportunities to progress projects including approval pathways, resource availability, site selection, workforce solutions and access to economic data and business tools
  • facilitating introductions with local companies and service providers
  • advice and assistance to attract new project investment and facilitating investment to support major projects
  • engagement with communities, local governments and landholders across Queensland.

We provide case management support to projects that:

  • will make a significant contribution to the Queensland economy through economic growth, exports, employment and provision of infrastructure
  • require multiple approvals and active facilitation across governments and stakeholders
  • are complex or sensitive
  • respond to a recognised regional need.

Our services are open to all industry sectors and can be customised to suit the scale and location of any development.

Case managers come from across the department's business units and other state agencies. They have a diverse suite of skills and experience to ensure clients receive coordinated support and assistance.

The department's case management services are free to approved clients.

Examples of projects that could receive case management support


A company is seeking to start a new large scale development for agricultural and processing use. The potential development site identified by the company includes land subject to a lease from the state, a number of roads, vegetation and wetlands.


A company has purchased an existing tourism resort with the aim of undertaking a significant redevelopment. The project proposal includes demolition of the existing resort, development of a new beachfront hotel, several styles of low rise resort accommodation, a marina, retail village, day spa, a golf course and upgraded airstrip. A number of development approvals would be triggered as a result of this project.


A company holds a mining lease for extraction. When processed, the mined product can be used in a range of applications. The company proposes to develop a processing plant. The project requires sourcing of a site with access to supporting supply chain opportunities and transport networks for export opportunities. Development of the processing plant will also trigger a number of development approvals.


A company is proposing to establish a blast furnace based steel plant. Construction of the plant is expected to be undertaken in two stages. Once completed, it would produce slabs, beam planks, blooms and billets principally for an export market. The site has been confirmed and the project is subject to a number of development approvals.

How to request case management support

Regardless of the subject of your project, a case manager works with you to:

  • identify available Queensland Government assistance
  • negotiate access to resources, and
  • assist in streamlining development applications and other necessary approvals.

For more information visit Case management support or contact us.

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