The State Infrastructure Plan (SIP) outlines the Queensland Government’s strategic direction for planning and prioritising the investment and delivery of infrastructure that supports growth, enables economic development and creates jobs.

The SIP, released in March 2016 after targeted statewide consultation, is in two parts – Part A: Strategy is updated every five years and Part B: Program is updated annually.

Part A: Strategy (PDF icon 1.9 MB) – Sets a clear vision to guide infrastructure investment and provides a cohesive model for infrastructure planning and delivery which integrates with land use and economic planning. It coordinates infrastructure planning across Queensland Government agencies to create jobs, grow the economy and keep communities thriving.

Part B: Program - 2019 update (PDF icon 11 MB) – Outlines the $49.5 billion infrastructure program over the next four years and the $12.9 billion 2019-20 spend. The update helps coordinate national, state, regional and local infrastructure planning and provides industry and all levels of government with the confidence to invest in Queensland.

The 2019 Part B update highlights:

The SIP recognises the significant role that the private sector plays in developing proposals. It also highlights how the Coordinator-General and Economic Development Queensland facilitate opportunities to grow the pipeline of infrastructure projects.

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