The Catalyst Infrastructure Program (CIP) is a Queensland Government initiative to invest in urban infrastructure that unlocks development, generates construction activity and creates long-term employment.

Under the program, Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) co-invests in infrastructure projects in the form of an interest-free loan.

The government will be seeking repayment of its co-investment so that the funds can be recycled and re-invested. Proponents eligible to apply for CIP funding include: local governments, utility providers and developers.

Download the CIP Guidelines (PDF icon 503 KB) or refer to the frequently asked questions below for further information on the program.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Catalyst Infrastructure Program (CIP)?

What is catalyst infrastructure?

What is co-investment?

Who is eligible for CIP funding?

What infrastructure projects could be considered for CIP funding?

What will government consider in deciding whether to co-invest in a project?

If a proponent is successful, will they need to enter into an agreement?

How and when will CIP funding be paid back to the government?

What interest is payable on co-investment?

Will the government manage the delivery of the CIP infrastructure?

How will CIP encourage development activity?

How to apply

Proponents may apply for CIP co-investment funding by submitting a project proposal using the Application Form and Reporting Input Sheet on EDQ’s CIP website. Submissions must be complete, must confirm compliance with the CIP eligibility criteria and must address the assessment criteria. Assessment of CIP projects is a continuous process and submissions may be made at any time.

To assist with your submission, download the:

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