The Department engaged Watpac as managing contractor for the North Queensland Stadium project.

Watpac started preparatory works on site in July 2017 and early works in August 2017 following the official sod turn. Now stage one civil earthworks and driven piling works are complete.

In May 2018, Watpac started the main superstructure build which is now progressing.

See the progress for yourself

View our gallery of clips that show what Stu sees when he flies the Watpac drone over the site.

Activities on site currently include:

Currently, the construction of the western stand that will accommodate the player, corporate and media facilities is the most advanced.

Pre-cast concrete and steel elements are being manufactured and stockpiled off site. As the construction program moves forward these elements are being moved to the site and installed.

Key project statistics

Below are some key statistics that demonstrate the project’s commitment to local industry participation (as at 29 June 2018)

Item Status
Size of construction workforce (inductions completed) 498 inductions
Proportion of people inducted that live in North Queensland region 95.3%
Total construction work hours (since site works commenced on 13 July 2017) 113,758 hours
Construction hours by local subcontractors (Target: at least 80 per cent of hours spent building the Stadium to be by locals) 97.6%
Construction workforce who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (Target: 6.6 per cent of construction workforce) 20.2%
Total training hours completed (overall) 30,689 hours
Training hours by locals 29,855 hours
Training hours by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 22,001 hours