With assistive devices expected to be worth $1 billion by 2020, the Queensland Government is looking to put our makers and manufacturers on the fast track to being involved in this exciting industry.

The Assistive Devices Hackathons are two-and-a-half-day intensive making marathons where people with a disability—and a well-identified need—will work with a team of makers, mentored by a manufacturing industry expert, to develop a prototype that meets their needs.

The next Queensland Government supported Hackathon event will be held in Bundaberg from 23-26 November 2017.

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What is a maker?

Makers are a blend of DIY enthusiasts and hacking culture that focuses on creating new devices and tinkering with old ones. Makers involved in the Assistive Devices Hackathons will be teams of high-tech enthusiasts who may have experience in:

The Assistive Devices Hackathons: