Building our Regions

The Building our Regions program delivers essential infrastructure projects in Queensland’s regional communities—supporting jobs, creating economic development opportunities and improving liveability.

The program has seen successful projects announced from Round 1, Round 2, a Supplementary Round and Round 3.

Building our Regions overview to July 2017

Projects span the length and breadth of regional Queensland — view the interactive map.

Successful projects range from water, waste and sewerage infrastructure to cultural, sports and recreation projects, and from airport upgrades to flood mitigation programs—all making a real difference in regional communities.


There are 70 regional councils eligible to apply for Building our Regions funding. Across Round 1, Round 2, the Supplementary Round and Round 3, 88.6%—or 62 councils—have gained funding for their projects.


Under Round 1, Round 2, the Supplementary Round and Round 3 of Building our Regions 174 projects have been funded.

Projects infrastructure types


Building our Regions funding leverages additional investment from councils, the Australian Government and other organisations to deliver projects.

Total project cost $580.5 million, of which $353.5 million is leveraged.

Payment of funds

All councils successful in gaining funding through Building our Regions enter into a funding agreement with the department prior to construction commencing.

To kickstart projects, councils receive an upfront payment with other monies paid in arrears following expenditure.

Claims can be made at any stage of project implementation—either at intervals throughout delivery, or when construction is complete.

Infrastructure projects take time to be delivered and some projects commenced under Round 1 will be ongoing until 2018.


Project construction will support 1762 jobs in total:

Jobs infographic

Program acceleration

The original two-year funding commitment for Building our Regions was brought forward to be available from 2015–16 instead of the original 2016–17. Round 2 was also accelerated by six months.

Round 1 of the Building our Regions program was brought forward by 12 months.

Round 1 program acceleration

Round 2 was accelerated by an additional six months.

Round 2 program acceleration

Additional funds were committed for 2017–18 for Round 3, which has been accelerated by six months.

Round 3 program acceleration