Manufacturing in Queensland is a highly diverse industry with growth sectors including aviation, biofuels and biomanufacturing, defence, fibre composites, machinery and equipment, marine, medical technologies and pharmaceuticals, mining equipment and technology services, processed food and renewable energies.

Manufacturing is also an important contributor to other Queensland industries like agriculture, building and construction, resources, health care and community services.

Although concentrated in Brisbane, manufacturing also has a strong regional presence and is a significant employer in regional economies.

What is advanced manufacturing?

Advanced manufacturing incorporates niche market products and a range of activities from design and research and development (R&D), to production, distribution and after-sales services. It focuses not only on products but also on value-adding across the entire value chain and includes:

The future of manufacturing in Queensland

Over the next decade, the disruptive impact of technology, the growing middle class in the Indo-Pacific region, the aging world population, and the significant movement in people and data, sustainability demands and security requirements will shape Queensland's future industry growth opportunities. In this environment, a strong manufacturing industry will be integral to a growing and prosperous economy.

Queensland's manufacturing industry can build on its existing strengths and benefit from emerging market opportunities by being agile and responsive to disruptive changes. The state must foster innovative and sustainable businesses producing low-volume, high-value, customised products. Manufacturing SMEs will also provide pre-production and post-sales services and be active participants in dynamic global supply chains.

To be innovative and technologically advanced, the industry must continue transitioning from broad-based to advanced manufacturing. To support this systemic shift, it is essential that the state's manufacturing businesses are able to operate within a predictable business environment that encourages innovation, investment and growth.

The Queensland Government is strongly committed to providing an environment where the state's manufacturing industry can grow, diversify, and deliver stronger economic, regional and employment growth. The government will seek to strategically position the state as an internationally recognised location for niche manufacturing capabilities, products, services and solutions.