Queen's Wharf Brisbane Priority Development Area (PDA)

What is a Priority Development Area (PDA)?

What is a Plan of Development (PoD)?

Who is delivering the PoD?

Why did Destination Brisbane Consortium submit a PoD application to Economic Development Queensland?

What is PDA-associated development?

What are the associated timeframes around the Queen's Wharf Brisbane Plan of Development?

How can I provide a formal submission on the PoD application?

I've made a submission – now what?

Whole of project

Who is the Destination Brisbane Consortium?

How much is the project worth?

How many jobs will be created?

How can I be a part of Queen's Wharf Brisbane?

What are the project benefits?

What are the benefits to business?

What will the government do with payments received?

What other opportunities is The Star Entertainment Group providing Queensland?

Was there ever a theatre proposed in the Queen's Wharf Brisbane precinct?

Heritage and Public Space

What is happening to the heritage buildings and places?

Is Queens Gardens (between George, Elizabeth and William Streets) closed?

Will the Destination Brisbane Consortium be responsible for maintaining and improving the heritage buildings?

How does the state ensure that the Destination Brisbane Consortium is preserving the heritage aspects of the precinct?

What public space will be provided in the precinct?

Which public realm area within the precinct will be enhanced and revitalised first?

How does the Queen's Wharf Brisbane planning regime protect heritage buildings and places?


Does Queen's Wharf Brisbane mean a second casino will be opened in Brisbane?

What is the state government's cap for gaming machines?

Will there be additional Electronic Gaming Machines (poker machines) in the precinct?

Is there a limit of table numbers available in the Queen's Wharf Brisbane precinct?

How does the Queen's Wharf Brisbane Integrated Resort Development compare to other Australian operations?

How does the government ensure responsible gambling?

Has the Government conducted a cost analysis of expected revenue versus total costs of social impacts of gambling?

Over what part of the precinct will the state government issue a 24/7 liquor licence?

What were the recent legislative changes and how do they relate to the PoD application?


When will construction commence?

When will construction finish?

What are the other project related activities?

How tall are the buildings in the precinct?

How are you honouring the legacy of the late Senator Neville Bonner AO due to the demolition of the Neville Boner Building?

Traffic and transport

Have the transport impacts been considered?

Which streets will be closed?

How will I be advised of the traffic and transport changes?

What were the public transport changes?

What pedestrian and traffic management changes have been implemented to facilitate safety?

What are the impacts to cyclists using the Bicentennial Bikeway?

Are you closing or removing the Riverside Expressway or any of its off-ramps?


What type of engagement activities have been undertaken by the state?

Is the state engaging with the Indigenous community?

Will Destination Brisbane Consortium engage with the community?

What if I still have questions about the Queen's Wharf Brisbane Integrated Resort Development?