After consulting with persons affected by the proposed infrastructure facility, including registered owners and/or native title holders, the Coordinator-General:

Assessment criteria

When assessing a PIF application, the Coordinator-General considers whether the:

In deciding whether the project has economic or social significance and benefits, the Coordinator-General takes into account the project's potential to contribute to community wellbeing, economic growth or employment.

The contribution the project may make to agricultural, industrial, resource or technological development in Australia, the State or a region is also considered.

Governor in Council approval

The Governor in Council may decide to approve the project, not approve it, or approve it subject to conditions.

If the Governor in Council decides to approve the project as a PIF, the Coordinator-General must prepare a statement giving reasons why the project was approved and publish a copy of the statement in the Queensland Government Gazette.

The Minister must table the statement in the legislative assembly within three sitting days of the gazettal notice being published.

If the Governor in Council decides not to approve a project as a PIF, the Coordinator-General must, within 28 days of the decision, give the proponent written notice of the decision and the reasons for it.