About the PDA

The Townsville City Waterfront Priority Development Area (PDA) was declared at the request of Townsville City Council (Council) on 5 September 2014.

The PDA includes approximately 97.2 hectares of land located on both sides of Ross Creek directly adjacent to Townsville's Central Business District (CBD) and is envisaged to accommodate a portion of the additional 30,000 people planned to live and work in the wider CBD by 2030.

The PDA will provide for mixed use development in the CBD, pedestrian and cycle paths along the banks of Ross Creek, a variety of public open spaces and will protect the Port of Townsville's activities from incompatible uses.

Planning of the PDA has been managed by the Minister for Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) in partnership with Townsville City Council and Port of Townsville Limited.

Development assessment for land within the Townsville City Waterfront PDA, which is strategic port land, will be managed by the minister. For the remainder of land within the PDA, development assessment powers have been delegated to Townsville City Council.

To find out more about the Townsville City Waterfront PDA visit the Townsville City Council website.

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