Why is a major development being considered for Toondah Harbour?

The Queensland Government and Redland City Council have a shared vision for the revitalisation of Toondah Harbour and the existing marine facility area.

Both levels of government see the revitalisation of Toondah Harbour as an opportunity to harness private sector investment to transform the area into a dynamic waterfront precinct and enhance this bayside destination for South East Queensland.

The redevelopment of Toondah Harbour will attract private sector investment to improve harbour facilities and other public and private infrastructure, which will stimulate economic development and improve amenity for both the local community and visitors to the area.

These facilities will offer a broader range of experiences for visitors through provision of accommodation, improved infrastructure and various activities at Toondah Harbour that will enhance access to the attractions of the bay and North Stradbroke Island. Opportunities for sustainable tourism growth will become increasingly important as sand mining operations on North Stradbroke Islands are phased out.

Will the local community benefit from this project?

What is proposed for Toondah Harbour?

What type of homes will be available?

The community values its parks and open space in the area, will these be retained?

Was the community consulted about the plans for Toondah Harbour?

Was the community feedback taken into consideration?

Are further assessments and approvals necessary for this project?

Will I have an opportunity to have my say about the project in regards to these approvals?

How will I know about it?

What will the environmental assessment and approval process consider?

What are the main steps of the project approval process?

How long will the project approval process take?

Can development occur without the environmental approvals?

Can I still have a say about the project design?

What about native title?

What is an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)?

What about cultural heritage?

How will this project address the additional roads and transport infrastructure needed to keep up with the pace of development?

Will dredging be addressed?