On 19 April 2016, the Queensland Parliament passed the Queen's Wharf Brisbane Act 2016. This Act amended the Economic Development Act 2012 (the ED Act) to introduce the concept of PDA-associated development. These amendments came into effect on 27 May 2016.

The amendments provide a mechanism for efficiently managing development that is associated with a priority development area (PDA) but proposed to be located outside the PDA. This allows the proposed development to be dealt with under the ED Act in a similar way to development within the PDA. However, there is no requirement for proposed development outside a PDA to be declared as PDA-associated development. The alternative is for the proposed development to be dealt with in the usual manner under the Planning Act 2016 and relevant local government planning scheme.

PDA-associated development may be identified through:

  • a process of declaration by the Minister for Economic Development Queensland (MEDQ); or
  • specific mention in the interim land use plan or development scheme for the PDA.

Before making a declaration, MEDQ is required to consult with relevant government entities (including local government) and others that MEDQ considers will be likely to be affected by the declaration. The matters to be considered before declaring PDA-associated development are specified in s40C of the ED Act and vary according to whether the proposed development provides development infrastructure (as defined in the Planning Act 2016) or another type of development.

MEDQ may declare development to be PDA-associated development if satisfied:

  • that delivery of the proposed development may be adversely affected if the Planning Act 2016 were to apply, and one of the following applies:
  • the proposed development provides development infrastructure to address the impacts of any development within the PDA; or
  • the proposed development promotes the proper and orderly planning, development and management of the PDA in accordance with the relevant development instrument for the PDA, has an economic or community benefit for the state or region in which the PDA is located, and cannot reasonably be located or accommodated entirely within the PDA.

In addition, any declaration must not compromise the implementation of the relevant development instrument for the PDA.

You can view the details of each declaration for PDA-associated developments.

The practice note Introduction to PDA-associated development (PDF icon 430KB) provides further information about PDA-associated development, including the type of information required to support a decision for development to be declared.

If after reading the practice note you consider that certain proposed development may satisfy the criteria for declaration as PDA-associated development, contact EDQ development assessment officers to discuss the proposal. They can provide further guidance on the declaration process and on the information relevant to the proposal that would be required to accompany a request for declaration.

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