The Oxley Priority Development Area (PDA) was declared on 10 August 2018. The approximately 19.28 hectare site has been identified as a key development project within the South East Queensland urban renewal precincts zone (SEQ urban renewal precinct) of the Advancing our cities and regions (AOCR) strategy

Declaration of the Oxley PDA provides an opportunity for the accelerated delivery of innovative and best practice urban design with new homes and community facilities on the site, while retaining a significant amount of vegetation and open space.

Located in close proximity to the Oxley railway station and approximately 11 kilometres southwest of the Brisbane CBD, the PDA is bordered by Cliveden Avenue to the north, Blackheath Road to the east, Seventeen Mile Rocks Road to the south and bushland to the west.

Oxley PDA Proposed Development Scheme and public notification

Public notification of the proposed development scheme for the Oxley PDA was held from 25 February to 5 April 2019 (the submission period).

During the submission period all interested parties, including the community, residents and business operators, were invited to view the proposed development scheme and make a written submission to the Minister for Economic Development Queensland (MEDQ).

The MEDQ will consider all submissions received within the submission period and decide what amendments, if any, may be made to finalise the Oxley PDA Development Scheme.

Download the Oxley PDA Proposed Development Scheme (PDF icon 5.1 MB).

Oxley PDA Interim Land Use Plan

The Economic Development Act 2012 provides for a streamlined planning and development framework for PDAs to facilitate economic development, and development for community purposes.

Until the development scheme is finalised, development within the PDA will be regulated under the Interim Land Use Plan (ILUP).

Download the Oxley PDA Interim Land Use Plan (PDF icon 1.6 MB).

Oxley PDA boundary and regulatory map


Download the Oxley PDA regulatory map (PDF icon 151 KB).

Community consultation

EDQ has engaged with the Oxley community since 2016 to explore the best land use options to provide the neighbourhood with a functional and vibrant space. View community engagement activities and frequently asked questions on the Oxley PDA website.

Oxley PDA FAQs

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Who will prepare the Oxley PDA development scheme?

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