About the Priority Development Area

The Herston Quarter PDA was declared on 18 November 2016. It is approximately six hectares in size and located in the suburb of Herston, approximately two kilometres north of the Brisbane central business district.

The PDA is located on part of the broader Herston health precinct and is bordered by Herston Road to the south, Bramston Terrace to the west and the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) to the east and north. The PDA is in close proximity to both the Herston and RBWH busway stations and adjacent to the University of Queensland’s School of Public Health and School of Dentistry buildings.

The purpose of the PDA is to facilitate the redevelopment of the Herston Quarter as a mixed-use precinct with a strong emphasis on health-related uses. The major catalyst for redevelopment was the transfer of children’s health services from the Royal Children’s Hospital to the new Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in late 2014 which resulted in the vacancy of the majority of buildings in the PDA.

The PDA includes significant state-listed heritage places including the Lady Lamington Nurses Home, Edith Cavell and Lady Norman buildings which will be preserved and adaptively re-used.

Adoption of Herston Quarter PDA Development Scheme

The Herston Quarter PDA Development Scheme was approved by the Queensland Government on 21 December 2017.

Public notification of the proposed development scheme for Herston Quarter PDA was held from 7 August to 18 September 2017 (the submission period). During the submission period, all interested parties, including the community, residents and business operators, were invited to view the proposed development scheme and make a written submission to the Minister for Economic Development Queensland (MEDQ).

A submissions report has been prepared and summarises the submissions received and the merits of those submissions. In some cases, amendments have been made to the proposed development scheme as a consequence of issues raised in submissions.

The Herston Quarter PDA Development Scheme is the planning document that will assist in planning, carrying out, promoting, coordinating and controlling the development of land in the PDA. The development scheme supersedes the Herston Quarter PDA Interim Land Use Plan (ILUP), which no longer has effect.

The Herston Quarter PDA Development Charges and Offset Plan identifies relevant development charges, how these charges are calculated, levied and administered, and the trunk infrastructure required to service the PDA.

Download the Herston Quarter PDA Development Scheme (PDF icon 9.1 MB).

Download the Herston Quarter PDA Submission Report (PDF icon 1.0 MB).

Download the Herston Quarter PDA Development Charges and Offset Plan (DCOP) (PDF icon 1.3 MB).

Download the Herston Quarter PDA Infrastructure Plan Background Report (PDF icon 1.0 MB).

Aerial map of Herston Quarter


Herston Quarter PDA Interim Land Use Plan

Herston Quarter PDA boundary and regulatory map

Herston Quarter PDA FAQs

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Who is responsible for what elements of the development?

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How will car parking and traffic be managed in the PDA?

What happens when a development application is made in the Herston Quarter PDA?

How does the ED Act development assessment process differ from the Planning Act 2016 development assessment process?

Will the heritage buildings within the Herston Quarter be preserved?

How will other construction impacts be managed including noise, vibration and dust

How has the community been involved in the project to date?