The Aldoga Gladstone site will be Economic Development Queensland’s flagship renewable energy project and is part of the Queensland Government’s Advancing our cities and regions strategy, which aims to renew and repurpose underutilised state land to generate jobs and drive economic growth.

As a flagship project, it is considered that the Aldoga development will act as a precedent for the delivery of further economic opportunities offered from a growing renewable energy sector.

The site, located adjacent to Powerlink’s Larcom Creek substation, has been identified as suitable for a large-scale renewable energy project with the potential to support up to 350 megawatts of capacity, which can connect directly to the grid.

The substantial scale of this project will also contribute significantly to the Queensland Government’s target of achieving 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030.

EDQ is currently finalising negotiations with a suitable renewable energy company who will undertake the project.

Aldoga site maps

Aerial map of the aldoga site
Aerial map of the Aldoga site and Gladstone.

Aerial map of the aldoga site
Aerial map of the Aldoga site.