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Advance Queensland Industry Attraction Fund

The Advance Queensland Industry Attraction Fund has been designed to attract businesses to Queensland, either to relocate or establish new projects in the state. The fund will support jobs creation, regional growth, increased innovation and the building of local supply chains.

Worker Transition Scheme

The Worker Transition Scheme (WTS) has been developed to coordinate the Queensland Government's response, and provides assistance and information for those affected by the Queensland Nickel Refinery's voluntary administration.

Case management support

The department's Industry case managers work closely with major private sector investors to support the development of projects of regional or state significance.

Queensland Charter for Local Content

The Queensland Charter for Local Content aims to provide all businesses with full, fair and reasonable opportunities to tender for Queensland Government procurements.

Local industry involvement in major Queensland Government projects

The Queensland Government is committed to helping business access major project procurement opportunities to benefit Queenslanders and the broader economy.

North Stradbroke Island Economic Transition Strategy

The Queensland Government has committed to phasing out sand mining on North Stradbroke Island and transitioning the island towards a sustainable economic future.

Engineering, Construction and Resources Innovation Hub

The Engineering, Construction and Resources Innovation Hub (ECRI Hub) links innovative technology to end users, investors and international partners in order to identify commercial opportunities throughout Queensland. The ECRI Hub will drive innovation, productivity and international competitiveness which will ultimately lead to job creation in the engineering, construction and resources sectors.