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The State Development Assessment Provisions (SDAP) sets out the matters of interest to the state for development assessment, where the chief executive administering the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (SPA), being the Director-General of the department, is responsible for assessing or deciding development applications.

The SDAP is prescribed in the Sustainable Planning Regulation 2009 (SPR), and contains the matters the chief executive may have regard to when assessing a development application as either an assessment manager or a referral agency.

It is a statutory instrument made under SPA, and has effect throughout the state for development applications where the chief executive is the assessment manager or a referral agency.

The SDAP is structured in the following way:

  • Part A: Introduction and policy context
  • Part B: Application and operation
  • Part C: Fast track framework
  • Part D: State codes and other matters
    This part is broken into:
    • 19 modules
    • 24 state codes.

When submitting a development application to the assessment manager, if there are any matters of interest to the state relevant to the proposed development, an applicant is required to provide with the application an assessment against the applicable state code(s) in the SDAP. There are two ways an applicant can determine which state code(s) apply to their development application:

  1. Part B of the SDAP includes two tables that provide assistance to applicants to determine which state codes may apply, or
  2. Links to the relevant module of the SDAP are provided to an applicant through MyDAS, the online application preparation and lodgement system. These links are provided through MyDAS once the system makes a recommendation as to which integrated development assessment system (IDAS) triggers may apply to the development application.

The SDAP is updated from time to time to reflect legislative and policy changes.

Applicants should address the version of the SDAP which is current (i.e. has commenced) at the time they make their application to the assessment manager. The chief executive will assess the application against the version of the SDAP current at the time the application was properly made to the assessment manager. In making a decision, the chief executive may also give weight to any planning instrument, code, law or policy (including newer versions of SDAP) that came into effect after the application was made, but before the day the decision stage started.

For more information refer to the SDAP fact sheet (PDF icon 124 KB).

The table below outlines the versions of the SDAP made by the chief executive and given effect through an amendment to the Sustainable Planning Regulation 2009. Please note that new versions of the SDAP are typically published for information purposes two weeks prior to their commencement.

SDAP version Date of publication Date of commencement
SDAP version 1.6 6 July 2015 6 July 2015
SDAP version 1.5 10 October 2014 27 October 2014
SDAP version 1.4 20 June 2014 4 July 2014
SDAP version 1.3 (PDF icon 2.83 MB) 9 May 2014 16 May 2014
SDAP version 1.2 (PDF icon 2.28 MB) 11 April 2014 28 April 2014
SDAP version 1.1 (PDF icon 2.23 MB) 22 November 2013 2 December 2013
SDAP (PDF icon 4 MB) 20 June 2013 1 July 2013

State code response templates are available for applicants. Access the current template below:

Should you require copies of code response templates from a previous version of the SDAP, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..