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Declared in 2008, the Stanwell to Gladstone Infrastructure Corridor State Development Area (SDA) is designed to house multiple underground pipelines.

The corridor, which runs from Stanwell to Gladstone, is approximately 90 kilometres long and is generally 100 metres wide.

It can accommodate up to seven underground pipelines - for raw, treated and sea water, gas, and mineral slurries, among other things - as well as telecommunication cables.


Development scheme

Planning and development in the Stanwell to Gladstone Infrastructure Corridor SDA is controlled by a development scheme.

The development scheme was approved by the Governor in Council in September 2012.

Download the current development scheme

Download the previous development scheme

Applications and requests

There are a number of applications and requests relating to development within the Stanwell to Gladstone Infrastructure Corridor SDA that require approval by the Coordinator-General.

Land owned by Coordinator-General

The Coordinator-General has acquired an easement through privately owned land for the corridor.

Some compensation agreements have been agreed and others are being negotiated.