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The Gladstone SDA provides many benefits to business and industry seeking to invest in Queensland including:

  • access to the Port of Gladstone, Queensland's largest multi-commodity port, handling more than 30 different products
  • proximity to rail with linkages to Brisbane, Rockhampton and the coal mines in the Bowen Basin
  • extensive road networks with access points to the Bruce and Dawson Highways and direct access to the Port of Gladstone for the transportation of heavy goods without impacting Gladstone's dense population areas
  • greater planning and development certainty for project proponents
  • fast-tracking economic development through efficient processing of applications and requests
  • best practice land-use planning and management - ensuring land and infrastructure assets are, and remain, attractive to existing occupants and potential investors
  • more efficient use of land including the creation of a dedicated multi-user infrastructure corridor for linear materials transportation and services to link infrastructure to industries within the Gladstone SDA and the Port of Gladstone
  • the majority of land within the SDA is within State ownership (owned by either the Coordinator-General or the Minister for Economic Development Queensland)
  • access to a diverse skilled workforce within the city of Gladstone located directly south-east of the SDA
  • concentration of industrial development in selected areas, thereby minimising or avoiding:
    • environmental impacts
    • loss of amenity
    • infrastructure duplications
    • transport conflicts.