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The Abbot Point SDA provides many benefits to business and industry seeking to invest in Queensland including:

  • close proximity to the Port of Abbot Point
  • easy access to rail and roads, including the Bruce Highway
  • considerable distance from urban areas
  • greater planning and development certainty for project proponents
  • fast-tracking economic development through efficient processing of applications and requests
  • best practice land-use planning and management – ensuring land and infrastructure assets remain attractive to existing occupants and potential investors
  • some of the land within the SDA is within state ownership (owned by either the Coordinator-General or the Minister for Economic Development Queensland)
  • access to a diverse skilled workforce within the town of Bowen, located directly south-east of the SDA
  • concentration of industrial development in selected areas, thereby minimising or avoiding:
    • environmental impacts
    • loss of amenity
    • infrastructure duplications
    • transport conflicts.