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The State Planning Policy (SPP) (PDF icon 2.1 MB), which commenced on 1 July 2014, contains 16 state interests that are important to protect and enhance through Queensland's continued development. It is a key component of the State's land use planning system that enables responsible development, contributing to a liveable, sustainable and prosperous Queensland.

The SPP provides clarity to local governments when making and amending local planning instruments and assessing development applications and assists applicants in preparing development applications. The comprehensive presentation of the State's interests in one document makes it easier for local governments to reflect and balance state interests 'up front' in local planning schemes, ensuring the right developments are approved in the right locations without undue delays. For more information on the SPP, please refer to the State Planning Policy fact sheet (PDF icon 398 KB).

The SPP is supported by state interest guidelines which are provided to assist the implementation of policy.

Draft amendment to the SPP July 2014

A draft amendment to the SPP was released for public consultation, reconfirming the government's commitment to retain the SPP as the pre-eminent state planning instrument in Queensland.

This draft amendment (PDF icon 327 KB) included updates to:

  • ensure the SPP supports a balanced planning system focussed on liveability, sustainability and prosperity
  • improve clarity
  • update outdated information.

Public consultation on the draft amendment is now closed. All submissions are now being reviewed and the final version is expected to be published early next year.

Amendments to the SPP

Amendments to the SPP are listed below, with the most recent version of the SPP being SPP July 2014. The differences between the SPP's can be found in the SPP amendments fact sheet (PDF icon 273 KB).

Note: State Development, Infrastructure and Planning (Red Tape Reduction) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2014 (RTRA)

SPP July 2014

SPP December 2013