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The Queensland Government established the State Planning Policy (SPP) in December 2013 to simplify and clarify matters of state interest in land use planning and development. The SPP (PDF icon 2.1 MB), which replaced multiple state planning policies, is a key component of Queensland's land use planning system that enables development, protects our natural environment and allows communities to grow and prosper.

The SPP provides clarity to local governments when making and amending local planning instruments and assessing development applications and assists developers in preparing development applications. The comprehensive presentation of the state's interests makes it easier for local governments to reflect and balance state interests 'up front' in local planning schemes, ensuring the right developments are approved in the right locations without undue delays. For more information on the SPP please refer to the State Planning Policy fact sheet (PDF icon 302 KB).

The SPP is supported by state interest guidelines which are provided to assist the implementation of policy.

Note: The Wild Rivers Act 2005 was repealed on 1 October 2014 under the State Development, Infrastructure and Planning (Red Tape Reduction) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2014 (RTRA).

Part 8A of the RTRA stipulates the transition of the terminology from the Wild Rivers Act 2005, to the new provisions under the Regional Planning Interests Act 2014 (RPIA).

A 'wild river high preservation area', is therefore taken to be reference to a 'designated precinct in a strategic environmental area as defined in the Regional Planning Interests Regulation 2014'.

The transitional provisions remove the need to undertake an immediate amendment to the SPP to reflect the new terminology.

Amendments to the SPP

The Queensland Government is reforming the planning and development system to make it the best in Australia. As part of this reform process, SPP December 2013 (PDF icon 5.4 MB) has been amended to align with current government priorities. These amendments are incorporated in SPP July 2014 (PDF icon 2.1 MB). For more information, please refer to the SPP amendments fact sheet (PDF icon 192 KB).

SPP Interactive Mapping System

Some state interests have supporting mapping to assist in spatially representing the policy provisions or development assessment requirements. The SPP Interactive Mapping System contains both statutory and guidance (non-statutory) mapping, which can vary in certain circumstances. It is therefore necessary to read the relevant state interest to determine the context, ensure correct interpretation of the mapping and understand the individual mapping layers that may apply.

For further information on the SPP Interactive Mapping System please refer to the SPP Interactive Mapping System fact sheet (PDF icon 289 KB).

The mapping data provides a trigger for local governments to investigate and consider the relevant interest and does not automatically preclude development. The mapping is amended from time to time to ensure the most recent state information is available. The department has prepared a schedule of mapping amendments (PDF icon 277 KB).