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The DA mapping system contains all available Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping layers kept, prepared or sourced by the state that relate to development assessment and matters of interest to the state in assessing development applications. The system also includes hyperlinks to registers maintained by relevant state agencies used to identify matters of interest, such as the Queensland Heritage Register.

The DA mapping system shows mapping layers relating to development assessment and matters of interest. Layers include information from:

  • the State Assessment and Referral Agency, (SARA)
  • priority development areas
  • the Regional Planning Interests Act 2014

Not all matters of interest to the state have mapping layers, but for those that do, the purpose of the maps can vary greatly. It is important that each mapping layer is viewed and interpreted in the context of that particular matter of interest.

The DA mapping system gives an applicant an indication of whether an application may impact upon a matter of interest to the state, which would then need to be assessed by the chief executive.

The mapping assists potential applicants to obtain an understanding of what matters of interest may apply to their site.

For applications lodged with or referred to SARA, the DA mapping system should be used in conjunction with schedules 3, 6 and 7 of the Sustainable Planning Regulation 2009 to determine whether an application requires assessment by, or referral to, the chief executive.

The DA mapping system has recently been updated. Information on the updates can be found on the DA mapping system - FAQs.

Mapping is also available through MyDAS for applicants lodging or referring a new development application through the system.


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